Friday, March 27, 2009

My Life is Complete

I ran McKenzie to the doctor this morning for a cough and sore throat. I just didn't want to take a chance and let it go over the weekend without getting it checked!

The strep tests came back negative, so we left with Sudafed and Motrin.

Then we took care of a few errands. We went out the back gate to head to the bank to deposit some checks, and we were driving past the grocery store and McKenzie yells out GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I turned a hard left into the parking lot and ran over to the girls at their little table outside the store. I must have looked like a crazed pregnant lady craving their goods, eyes huge and grinning....

The little girl scout loaded my purchases into a box, because yes, I filled up a box with my order, and she said, wow this is a lot of cookies! I responded, YES! They are my favorite!

So, I am stocked up on my favorite Samoas in their purple boxes and a small selection of other flavors. Mmmmmm... I'm happy.


Ladners'Latest said...

MMMMM Samoas! I hit the jackpot in Annah's pantry....she's got girl scout cookies too!! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

This is the first year since Danica was about 6 years old that my girls did not sell cookies! Kinda missed it. I still have some stashed away for Nick, so let me know when he's ready for packages again.
~ Sue

Sara G said...

I'm mad...I ordered 7 boxes from someone in the neighborhood and she never delivered them to me!!!!! I didn't buy any at the store because I was counting on those.... a little disappointed this year. I hope she understands next year when I tell her that I am not ordering any from her!

Krista said...

Those are my favorites too! Maybe it's a pregnant lady thing, but I stocked up on them before I left for the mainland since I didn't think they'd still be selling them when I got back.