Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Appointment

I had my 18 week appointment this morning! It was a quick one! The doctor just checked the heartbeat, which was in the 140's and then we talked the rest of the time about the Freedom Call the hospital does for deployed military families who deliver babies while their husband is in Iraq.

It's a video conference type setup they roll into the delivery room so that the dad can 'be there' to watch and hear all that goes on during delivery! If Nick isn't back in time for the birth, we hope it works out that we can take advantage of this great program!

Other than that, all is well. I have been able to feel the baby kicking for about 3 weeks now. He or she is a very active little baby!

And no, I haven't peeked in the secret envelope!


Jan said...

ah c'mon Kim, we want to know!!!

Ladners'Latest said...

heartbeat in the 140's...still guessing a boy :)

sara krahulec said...

I'm thinkin' boy!