Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Children's Discovery Center Fieldtrip

Last Friday Trevor's pre-school class went on a fieldtrip to the Children's Discovery Center. My friend (Hudson's Mom), Sherree, chaperoned so she shared these pictures with me! Trevor and Hudson were partners, so I got a lot of cute pics of them together! They got to do a lot of really neat things in the center, and they had a great time!
On the Bus

Sliding Down the Slide & Driving the Fire Truck

Studying the Brain

Being served Dinner on the Airplane

Hannah got to have a playdate with Addison while the boys went on their fieldtrip. They got along so well! Here, I caught Hannah trying to give Addi her binky. Addi just sat there with her mouth open and Hannah attempted to put it in....backwards, crooked and upside down. When she would miss, they would both just giggle, and then try again!


Jan said...

wowee....that profile of Trevor on the fire truck looks just like Nick!!!

Ladners'Latest said...

How cute! I've always wanted to take Andrew there. A girl I met at the pool said she took her son once a week just to get out of the house.

And I can't get over how big Hannah has gotten!