Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Gorgeous Day

It was a beautiful day today. Trevor got home from preschool and ate his lunch, and pretty much played outside until supper. Addison joined him after she woke up from her nap in the early afternoon. He helped her into the wagon all by himself, loaded her up with toys, and he pulled her around for the longest time. Nice and slow, constantly looking back to make sure she wasn't getting up, or throwing toys overboard. He would catch her throwing toys over and calmly tell her, "Addison, you can not do that. They need to stay in the wagon with you!" And she would just smile and laugh, and wait until he took off and looked away before throwing the next one out! She is such a stinker! But she sat still and never tried to get out while the wagon was moving!

Such a wonderful big brother!

McKenzie even had half the neighborhood kids in the backyard playing. They have too much fun together!!! And it's neat because they are all different ages, yet they usually get along so well and always stop by to play with Trevor and McKenzie.

I've been trying to catch the kids on video lately for Nick. I try to send him a disk with home videos for him to watch on his computer. He can't access the blog completely at work and can't watch the videos, so I thought he would enjoy some clips of the kids playing and talking. Here is one I couldn't help but share. Addi truly adores her Daddy Doll. She loves it. It goes EVERYWHERE with her. I even caught her 'talking' to it the other day. It was more of babbles, but clearly she knew what she was talking about. It was a deep conversation with her Daddy.

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Lesley and Zachary said...

We finally cracked the code on being able to email videos. Zach and I both set up gmail accounts (so I can send and he can receive videos up to 20 mb). Then I change the file to a .mpeg, send the video, he saves it to his desktop or wherever, and then he can watch them over and over. Maybe that'll work for you guys!