Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another 1st Birthday Party

We had another first birthday party to go to....and don't worry, there are many more to come. Our playgroup happens to have babies with birthdays one month apart spanning across several months!
Today's party was for little mister Calvin! I made him a jungle cake. It was a big one. He had quite a turn out!!!
It's always cute to watch the little ones smash into their cake and just stuff their faces with it. However, Calvin wasn't too sure about his #1 cake. He looked at it like, "I am NOT touching that!" It was cute. His daddy even got a finger of frosting for him, but he was NOT interested one bit!

It was a nice warm day...they had games set up all over the yard. I had to keep doing a head count to keep track of Trevor. He was off in the backyard playing bad mitten with some man he befriended, and was just nonstop until it was time to go! Here, he and Hudson played some horseshoes. That was kind of scary...those things are dangerous! I don't know how we managed to play this without any injuries!
Addison is into walking all over the place with whoever will take her. Here, Zach Rashman walked with her all over the yard, and then I didn't see her for a while. The two of them had found the toy area inside along with a few other little ones to play with.Also in attendance was Miss Hannah TrammellMr. Hudson Trammell
Mr. Andrew Ladner
(he gets a red face like McKenzie when he gets hot)
We all had a great time, but it was soon nap time, so we all headed home, where I am now surrounded by lovely silence...and the sound of a light Kaneohe rain!

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