Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playgroup - Hannah's Surprise 1st Birthday Party

This morning at playgroup we surprised Sherree (and Hannah) with a little playgroup birthday party! We all met out at Ho'olomaluhia Botanical Gardens at a nice little pavilion with a huge grassy area. We laid out a giant blanket and the kids just played on that.
It was so funny to watch them play together, they are all getting to be so independant and more and more mobile! Wyatt is the only one in the group that is walking at the moment, but the rest of them are not too far behind! They can crawl with the best of them though! Look out!

Taking group photos is proving to be quite a task, this week we decided to stap them all in their strollers and line them up! And we agreed that this was their best photo session ever!

After a few gifts, and some delicious food, it was time for cupcakes!

By this time, I had ran to pick up Trevor from pre-school so that he could enjoy the park as well!

But he must have had a hard day at school, because it didn't take much for him to get mad... here he is pouting behind the little tree. Mr. Drama!

Here, Hannah would open her gift, then Addi would test it out!

Miss Addi & Miss Hannah

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