Monday, October 20, 2008

Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

Sherree and I decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon. It was a little rainy on our side, but it is almost always sunny on the west side, so we chanced it and headed over to the other side after lunch.

They had a great set up with lots of piles of pumpkins and props set up to take pictures of your own little 'pumpkins'! It was definitely interesting trying to get all 5 to take a nice picture. Not all of them were cooperative at the same time...if at all!

But boy did the girls love being down on the ground around all the pumpkins! (In their matching dresses and hair clips that I made for them!)

While waiting in line for the hay ride, the lady behind us thought the girls looked so cute in their matching dresses, that she insisted on taking our picture!

Here are the kids on the hay rack! We were packed in like sardines!

Once they dropped us off, it was a race to find the perfect pumpkin! Oh, and pee behind the tallest weed we could find...boys! (Why is it that they always have to pee in the most inconvenient times!?!)

Addison loved the pumpkins!

Hannah & Addison

So by this time, the kids had been roaming the patch for a while and Trevor was getting itchy, so he was standing behind me pouting. I guess he was not in the mood for a photo session!

And then....Mom convinced him that once he took a picture, we would get back on the hay rack and head back to the car! But I forgot to add the bit about smiling in our deal!

Sorry, Trevor, just one more picture with all of us!

Here is Trevor after walking through the pumpkin fields...itchy, and waiting for the hay rack with his none other guessed it, the RAIN! He was NOT happy!

Here it is!!!

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Lesley and Zachary said...

Trevor's face is hilarious when he's pouting! I can't wait for Daniel to get bigger so we can do all this fun stuff.