Friday, October 3, 2008

Game Time...Volleyball Season is Here

McKenzie had her first volleyball game of the season today. They play 2 - 10 minute sets per game. Her first game they lost, but McKenzie had 6 points! She is a darn good server, if I may say so! Check her out in action:

She has the same form in these two least she's consistent!
Addison sat on my lap and just loved every minute of being in the stands. When she wasn't watching all the action on the court, she was turned around and getting every single person on the stands to look at her. If they didn't notice her right away, she'd shoot them a snaggle tooth grin....and if that didn't reel them in, she'd throw out an adorable growl! She is quite the attention getter! She knows how to work it!

Trevor, on the other hand, did not have a nap before this afternoons activities, so he was constantly whining and asking when we were going home. But every once in a while he'd interrupt the whining for a "whoo hoo! Yay McKenzie!" He's a good sport! We all made it through the games, and Trevor even got a leftover snack bag after the game....Musubi and chips...he ate the chips, not the spam musubi. McKenzie and I shared it! *Musubi is spam & rice wrapped in seaweed. Mmmmm. (I know you are all wishing you had one right now!!!!)

McKenzie is now on fall break until the 14th. I have lots of things around the house we can do over the break; painting, cleaning, mudding, taping.... I think she had things like sleepovers and playing with the neighborhood kids more in mind. We'll see.

I talked to Nick briefly tonight. He has a weekend full of flying, and again all next week.

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