Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Break is OVER!!!

Yay! Fall break is finally over! It seemed at times like it was never going to end. But, I must say we made the most of it and now, I'm just flat out exhausted!

We did so much this past week and a half! And today, was a nice little break. My morning was nice and relaxing. Addison took a little nap while Trevor was at pre-school, and it was raining pretty good.

I did, however have to deal with a distraught little boy when I got to the pre-school. He is still having issues when it rains...due to the story of the ark. If you missed that post, I recommend you go back and read up, I am not getting into it here. It was cute at first, but now, it's really starting to bother me that he worries about the rain so much. He was sitting in the aid's lap when I got there, and as soon as he saw me, he came screaming and running at me, "Mommy, it's raining! Is it going to stop?!?!"


So, anyways, McKenzie and Trevor both had dentist appointments this afternoon, and I have to give props to Addi who was such a trooper the entire visit. She sat in the stroller and hung out the whole time....no fussing! Well, she did make a little whimper when I went into the back to peek on Trevor, who when we were on our way to the appointment, screamed and protested about not wanting to go. He was back just jabbering away with the dental hygienist! She thought it was hilarious that he was talking so much. He was telling her stories, and explaining to her that he can floss all by himself now.

My friend Sherree asked us over for dinner tonight. Red beans and rice was on the menu, so we couldn't pass that up! The kids played hard, and we had some good eats!

This was Addison at lunchtime. I have been experimenting with Stage 3 foods. They aren't completely pureed, and have chunks of food in them. Below is Lasagna. Yeah, she is having trouble deciding what she wants to do with the food chunks....spit them out, or try to swallow and gag on them!!! Needless to say I think you can figure out what happened to most of these chunks!She pulled off her bib, and growled at me when I tried to put it back on her.
I talked to Nick on the phone before he went to bed. Tomorrow is a planning day so he doesn't have a whole lot to do. He only has about 3 flights left throughout the rest of the training, unless one of the other instructor's wife goes into labor before then. Then, Nick will have to pick up his flights. He was planning on heading over to his brother Mike's this next weekend. So I'm sure he is ready for a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with him and getting away from everything.

Well, the kids are in bed, so I am sipping the last of my tea and then I'm off to dreamland myself. Tomorrow should be another fairly uneventful day! Maybe I should start on the kids' Halloween costumes!

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