Thursday, October 16, 2008

McKenzie's Volleyball Game

McKenzie had another volleyball game this afternoon. They played 3 10 minute sets against another school. Here they are warming up...

McKenzie was trying out a new serve today. It proved to be very good for her! She got to serve 3 times in a row, earning her team lots of points in this set!
Between watching Addison and Trevor on the bleachers, getting pictures of McKenzie serving was the only time I 'knew' when she was going to have contact with the ball for pictures. She had some great returns though. One hit went clear up to the ceiling, and back over to the other side. She was a little embarressed!
Each set her team started off great, getting a big lead. Then the other team would come back and they usually were tied by the end of each set.

When we returned home, guess who was left on our doorstep?

Yep! Our little orphan Chaquita! Her family is flying back to the mainland for 2 weeks for a family wedding. So she gets to live with us for a while! As you can see, Trevor was so excited to see her waiting for us when we got back from McKenzie's game!

They have been inseperable ever since we got home. He even tried to eat his pizza with her on his lap. (Don't worry, I made him wash his hands and put her down until he was done!) But it's funny, because right now, Molly is so excited to have a playmate that she can't control her excitement, which scares poor little Chaquita. So Trevor benefits by being her protector!

Thank you Alaina for the A-MAZ-ING pizza! And the cookies and banana cake ROCK! Yes, I tried them all...before my pizza! Mmmmmm

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