Thursday, October 9, 2008

Road Trip...Hawaiian Style

Today was a big day! It's a day we have been planning for weeks! Our friends, the Ladner's, bought a house on west oahu....way far out there, and we have not had a chance to get over there to see it. Well, Nick did take a load or two over when they were moving, and Kenzie went one night to help paint, so I guess I mean to say that I have not been over there.

This morning, after taking Trevor to school, I came back home and started packing for the day. You would have thought we were going on a week long trip because of all the things I had to bring. Alaina lives near the community pool, so I had to pack a pool bag, and blow up toys, floaties, extra dry clothes, suits, towels, etc.

I wanted to head over there after picking Trevor up from preschool at 11:30, so I decided to pack lunches to eat on the way. By the way, the drive is just under an hour. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for those of you on the mainland, that's nothing, but for us "Hawaiian's", you don't get to go too far before you're there! There is only so far you can go, but in this case, it was going from one end of the island to another, over lunch hour! So I packed lunches! It was fun!

Then there is Addison's diaper bag with food, diapers, extra clothes, you get the picture.

My van (my sexy van) was loaded!

So at 11:30, we picked up Trevor, and our buddy Hudson, and were on our way! Me, and my three kids + Hudson!

We took the big tour of their gorgeous home, and it made me wish all our remodeling was done on our home! Then we were off to the pool!

Alaina and Andrew go there often, so Andrew was jumpin' right in!

Trevor, however, was a little hesitant and didn't want to get in right away.
Then, after a while, he got brave and got in by the steps. Then he would go down one more step...then another...until he got to the bottom and found out he could still touch the bottom!

McKenzie and Hudson were like two peas in a pod at the pool. They were like a couple of fish. Jumping off the side, and floating around the pool.

...even floating in the little ones floaties!
Now, Miss Addi, on the other hand, was totally in her element at the pool. I wasn't sure how she would like the water. I started on the edge and dipped her toes in the water. She arched her back and wanted IN! So I let her stand in the water...

She kicked, and splashed and had a great time! It took her a little while before she would actually sit down and play. Even when she finally did that, she was too busy crawling after toys in the water, crawling out of the pool, and sitting on the edge....boy is she getting brave.

I got her to sit in the floaty for a little bit. She loved that but soon wanted to get back to crawling around the shallow water.

We swam for a couple hours and then went back to Alaina's house to unwind. Then it was time to head back to Windward Oahu. McKenzie is staying over night and possibly helping paint the bathroom, however, when she called me tonight, they were I don't know how much painting was actually getting done! Oh well! McKenzie was having fun!

Addison splashed in the pool right through nap time, and crashed as soon as we started home. Surprisingly, the boys didn't crash out until the last 5 minutes of the trip. They both looked so funny, I HAD to snap of pic of them!
It was a really fun day... a long day, but definitely something we will do again soon! Thank you Alaina!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Hooray for your road trip! It was fun...yes yes, let's do it again. Kenzie and I are having fun...we've run Drew out of the bed and made him sleep downstairs. :) There was a scorpion outside...more on that later (YUK) So now I have the heebie-jeebies and can't sleep. And you're right...all baking, no painting!