Friday, October 31, 2008

Community Helper Parade at Pre-school

Trevor's pre-school had a Community Helper Parade yesterday. The kids all dressed up as community helpers, and of course, Trevor was a Marine Helicopter Pilot (last year's Halloween Costume)

They sang a song and then walked around the courtyard for the parade of community helpers. It was really cute. The song is too big to download on here, but I'm working on that. It is too cute and I really want you to see it!
Trevor the Pilot
"Hudson (not Tito) the builder"
And this....(drum roll please) is the ever so famous Tumble Bus that Trevor gets to play on every Thursday! It comes to the school and is filled with tumbling equipment! Trevor looks forward to it every week! It was there so I had to snap a picture of it quick....but I didn't get to peek inside to see what it looked like!
I'm working on the video so stay tuned...

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