Friday, October 10, 2008

HMH-362 Family Fun Day at Bellows

Today the squadron had a family fun day at Bellows. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of people that came out for this! There were plenty of trees for shade, a nice breeze, inflatable water slide, face painting, horse shoes, a playground, food and drinks, and of course, the beach!

We showed up a bit late since we had to wait for Trevor to get out of school. But we were just in time for lunch, and then... it was time to chase the pigeons!
Alaina and Addison
Alaina walking Addison around in the dirty sand.

McKenzie was off at the beach, Trevor was playing at the playground, so Addison and I got some 'tattoos'! Matching ones! I wasn't sure how well Addison would take to that, but she sat still and watched the lady paint a butterfly on her upper arm. It helped that the lady had it complete in less then 15 seconds.... she was good!!!
Mom and Addi with matching tats!
So Cute!
My friend Kim got a really cool glittery lizard!!!Then we sat at the beach for a little while! Trevor and Andrew Ladner had a GREAT time playing in the sand.
And Addison loved the sand in her toes!

It was a great time, and we are ALL exhausted..tomorrow we are hitting up the water park! Ugh...does it ever end! NO WAY! There is too much fun to be had!

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