Sunday, October 5, 2008

Addi & The Teething Biscuit

I let Addison experiment with a biter biscuit. I remember how messy they were, but it was fun to watch her gnaw on it and make a terrible mess. She has 4 teeth now. Two on top, and two on the bottom. I noticed the other day that she has two more on the way on the outsides of her top teeth. You can see them making their way down, but have not broke through the gums yet.

At first, she didn't know what to do...
Once she figured out NOT to jam it down her throat, she began to really enjoy having the freedom of eating it by herself.
It got a little messy...
And then the dog got the biscuit, so we had to start over again!
Even though it took a lot of scrubbing on her face, hands, ears, hair, not to mention the scrubbing up the walker, it was fun to watch her do something new! I think we'll have a biscuit again...but not for a while, the walker is finally clean again!

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