Friday, October 17, 2008

A Train Ride and A Swing

Trevor went on a field trip to Ewa to ride on the train. He had to be at school early and didn't get back until after lunch. Usually I pick him up around 11:30. He was so excited to ride the bus again, and then really excited to ride a train...but, not near as excited as he was to be able to bring a sack lunch!
Addison woke up this morning with her brother's cold which consisted of a very runny and stuffy nose, and an occasional cough. And of course, like most little ones, screams and puts up a fight when I try to wipe her little sniffer.

It's a beautiful day here, thank goodness! It's been rainy here for several days (and with rain, comes my son's panic about "the flood") So I was glad to have a sunny day again! Addison hadn't been in the swing for a while, so she did some swinging while I caught up on some laundry.

I think she looks kind of funny in this picture, but you sure can see her mouth full of teeth...she's got 5 now!

I had a cake order today so I was able to work on that this morning during Addi's nap. I've got another fall cake for tomorrow. That one should be really neat. You'll have to check my baking blog for pictures!

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