Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park

Alright, so since some of you, after seeing my little white boy in his class picture said he needed some sun, I took some action.

Today, the kids and I, plus McKenzie's friend Katelyn, headed over to Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. I have never been there, but McKenzie has been a couple times with her friends. So we were all very excited to be going. We met the Ladner's there when the doors opened at 10:30AM.

Since the adults were outnumbered by the kids 3:5, we all took turns watching the kids so the adults could partake in some rides! Below is Drew on duty! We started out in the kiddie pool...which was HUGE! It had tons of slides of all sizes to go down, and the water was never over 1 foot deep. Even Addi loved getting in the water and splashing around...and walking around, kicking her feet.
There were stairs leading up to the two slides Trevor spent all day on. However, there is a wheel at the top that kids and turn to make the water shoot out and over the stairs. Trevor (wearing the orange) didn't like going through the water to get up the stairs, so he would wait around the corner until someone would turn the wheel back. Sometimes I would have to ask a big kid on their way up to turn the wheel so that he could go up!
Trevor decided it was much more fun to go down the slides backwards.

Katelyn convinced McKenzie to go on the SHAKA...but only if I agreed to go on the TORNADO with them. McKenzie was biting her nails the whole time she was waiting in line. That is what she does when she is nervous.

We went two rounds on the lazy river. Alaina with Andrew on her lap, me with Addi on mine, and after a little convincing, Drew got Trevor to go with him. McKenzie and Katelyn were each on their own tube. It was a nice relaxing 'ride', and Addi and I managed to dodge the small waterfall both times around, so we didn't get too wet.

Then it was time for some grub.

With not much time for tummies to settle, it was time for my side of the deal to go down...the TORNADO! I was sick to my stomach the whole time I was in line, heart racing. It was a ride that you get on a 4 person tube, and go around a short tube, then shoot out a tube into a funnel looking thing which shoots you back and forth, then you pop out the opening at the end, and it's all over.

So here is McKenzie, Katelyn, Me & Alaina on the Tornado.

Ok, so it was a TON of fun, and we went twice in a row! Then, it was time for Drew to get a break from the kids, so he went with McKenzie and Katelyn. Here they are carrying up the huge tube up the stairs.

Here is Andrew and Trevor watching them from the gate as they went back and forth in the funnel.
Check out Alaina's blog for more great pictures from today. She beat me to the chase and posted her's before me....but I have all the videos, so that's why its taking me so stinkin long to get this posted!

Here is the big pink slide Alaina got Trevor to go down...all by himself! I waited at the bottom for him. He loved it, but once was enough! I was surprised he even went at all!

While us girls did a few more adult rides, Drew took the kids back to the kiddie pool.

Trevor discovered he could run the giant water gun. This one guy was having a great time letting Trevor shoot his hat off his head. He was quite a character and had Trevor laughing so hard. He loved it!!!
Drew went on a few rides with the girls. I could NOT beleive that McKenzie went on the cliffhanger, especially after I told her my horror story about my sister Angie and I going on a similar ride in Disney World...and having to run to the bathroom right afterwards to take care of our enemas caused by the ride. (TMI? Sorry!)

McKenzie & Katelyn on Cliffhanger

Drew on Cliffhanger

Katelyn, Drew & McKenzie on the Volcano Express

The parked closed at 4, but by 3:30, Addi had fallen asleep in my arms while we were watching Trevor go down the slide. She was awake, and then all of a sudden she slumped over...asleep! Poor thing was worn out, so I sat her in the stroller until it was time to go.
Since I wouldn't let the kids buy $4 cotton candy at the park, I promised them we'd stop for ice cream on the way home. Trevor, exhausted from his day at the water park, crashed half way through his hot fudge sundae. I think we'll all be sleeping like rocks tonight!

Don't forget to check out Ladner's Latest for more pictures from today! There are some really great ones of us on there!


Lesley and Zachary said...

I went on a Cliffhanger ride at a water park in Dubai and got the worst wedgie of my entire life. Then I watched a fat lady come down it and get stuck at the bottom once her momentum ran out. That made the wedgie worth it!

Ladners'Latest said...

So much fun, but are you as sore as I am today? I woke up feeling like I had been run over. (Could've been b/c I fell asleep in Andrew's bed and woke up at 4:30squished in the corner)

I love the videos!