Friday, May 29, 2009

30+ Weeks & A Welcome Baby Party

Last night the kids and I went to a Surprise Baby Welcoming Party at a fellow spouses house! I had Trevor take a quick picture of me at 30+ weeks. Aaghhhh, just a little over 9 weeks to go!

Here we all are taking a quick group picture!

Emily Hughes, Me & Addison
The gorgeous mommy, Manila (of 3 girls now) & Me with the cake I made.

As soon as new baby Sianna arrived, Addison was at her side, oohing and talking to the baby. She would point to all her parts and say "Baby, Baby, Baby"... I thought we were having a breakthrough. She kept a close eye on the baby all evening, when someone took her out of the carseat, she would look all over the room to see where she went. I had to be careful because she wanted to ROCK the baby in the seat too... but she wasn't very gentle.

I stayed away from baby until the end of the night. Addison was sitting next to the carseat looking at her, so I made my move. I sat next to her, talked about the baby, and made Addison the center of attention, talking to HER as I slowly lifted Sianna out of her carseat, telling Addison, "Oooh, should we take a look at the baby?" I set the baby on my lap facing Addison so she could see her..... Thinking if Addison was right there, she wouldn't mind. BUT...... This attempt failed.
So Mommy had to put the babyback. Poo.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Oh you're so cute. 30 weeks!! I'd better hurry and get back to Hawaii in case baby #4 decides to show up sooner rather than later!

And I'm sure Addi will be much better with YOUR baby :)...maybe