Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Typical Day at the Turners'

Addison has continued to push the limits and find new ways to drive me crazy!!! At first it was climbing onto the furniture, and now, in addition to all that... she has discovered the 'art' of pushing the little chairs around the house to reach higher ground.

Here is her latest discovery:

This is a place she frequents:

Fun with the hamper (upside down):

McKenzie has some pretty creative ways of keeping her younger siblings entertained while I am trying to do some baking or cleaning etc.... this morning, she convinced them to take a ride on one of Addison's riding toys and let her push them around the house...
Lately, Trevor has tied two riding toys together (like one is towing the other) and they cruise around the house pulling one another...

Trevor and Addison usually get along great during the day. Just yesterday, he crawled over to her and laid his head on her lap and pretended to sleep.
She believed him and let him sleep there while she drank her milk... and then the sweetest thing happened.... She started rubbing his back!!!! (I almost cried)

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Ladners'Latest said...

Addi the monkey...I love it! Those are really cute pictures.