Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun & My Little Monkey

It's been HOT and MUGGY here the past couple days. I broke down and decided to go buy the kids a little pool for the backyard. There hasn't been much of a breeze, so the house is sometimes hotter then it is outside... downside of no A/C in the summer. So when it's nearing 90 outside.... you can only imagine what it feels like in the house, even with the windows and doors open.

So after I picked up Trevor from pre-school, we went to get a pool. I had it aired up in just a couple minutes thanks to the air compressor, and filled with water while the kids had lunch.

Addison LOVED being independent in the water.

And Trevor was enjoying being a normal big brother...
squirting water with the squirt shark.

Now that Addison has discovered the skill of climbing on furniture... she has become quite the monkey. And it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't think she had to jump and flop around once she got up there!!!

Caught in the act

"Oh, look at me!"
She also has a proud scream (more like a screech) that she lets out once she is up... and she KNOWS she is not supposed to be up there. You can tell by the look on her face! You are lucky this picture doesn't come with sound.

Not only has she become a pill in the climbing department, she also has a new skill of annoying Molly. Here, Molly was TRYING to nap on the couch....until Addison came up and laid her head down next to hers and rolled over her... again, screeching! Doesn't Molly look thrilled to have a playmate?!
Terrible two's huh? Wonderful!!! I can't wait.

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