Friday, May 1, 2009

Hale Koa Pool ~ Aloha Trammells'

Our good friends, the Trammells have been spending their last few days here on the island at the Hale Koa Hotel down in Waikiki, and as I type this, they are just starting their long flight back to Pensacola, Florida.

Yesterday, the kids and I met them down at the pool behind the Hale Koa to let the kids spend a little time together, ok, and so us girls could hang out too before they left the island! Julie came down too. It was a gorgeous day and perfect to be at the pool!

Hudson & Trevor having a mid afternoon snack in the sun, trying not to feed the birds.

Addison and I even dipped in the pool for a while. She was so tired, and lounged around most of the time.

Julie, Me & Addi, and Sherree
(the boys are in the background and kenzie was taking the picture)

Trevor did great with the water wings. He immediately floated out into the deep water and found a little stick and threw it all over and swam after it.

Me & Addison posing for a quick picture!

Addison slammin' down some milk after a long afternoon in the water.

Hudson & Trevor playing in the kiddie pool during the break session at the big pool.

Best Buddies

Enjoying their post pool snack back in the hotel room.

What happens in the car after a long day at the pool with your best buddy!
He had a run in with a bat the other day (hence the black eye) and THEN that morning before we went to the Hale Koa, the preschool called me and said he ran into the bookshelf and scratched his face next to his black eye. Poor guy looks a little rough right now!


Ladners'Latest said...

Aloha Trammell's...we'll miss you!! Nice Shaka Julie and Kim, how come I can't see your cute belly in any of these pics :)

Jim and Julie Turner said...

What fun you guys always have! Thanks for sharing your day the sunny warm weather with us rain soaked Iowans!! Sorry to hear a good friend is moving away. :(
And poor Trev... he sure looks tough!! :) What a trooper!!

Ginny said...

Hi kim,
Grandpa is wondering what happened with the list of items that Nick would like to have sent to him. Would you post that or email to him please?