Monday, May 4, 2009


I spoke with Nick tonight on the phone for a while since he was ODO (duty officer). And although the connection was crackled and cutting out, we were able to get lots of conversing in.

He has been very busy flying and testing the past few days. They had a pretty huge storm come through yesterday with lots of rain. He was testing an aircraft and had to taxi over a mile back to the hangar on the runway because the rain was so bad.

One big thing he mentioned, was the nice emails he had been getting via MOTO MAIL. Since they are working out of tents, and only share one computer between all of them, the time to actually access their own work email is very limited. He encouraged me to tell others to feel free to use the MOTO MAIL. They get printed out and hand delivered to h
im, even when he doesn't have time to check his own email. The letter below explains what to do:

In a letter from the Commanding Officer:
I appreciate everyone's patience during the transition from Ira
q to Afghanistan. As you have noticed, we now have less access to computers with which to conduct personal correspondence. We fully understand the morale impact this can have for both you and your Ugly Angel. In order to increase the communications available given these more limited means, we have established the "Ugly Mail" service. "Ugly Mail" is a common Email address that we all share, but it is for incoming mail only. Here is how it works:

1. You send an Email to your favorite Ugly Angel at this address Please place their rank and name (Capt. Turner, Nicholas A.) in the subject line. Unfortunately we will not be able to print any attachments.

2. Our Family Readiness team in Afghanistan prints the Email and gives the hard copy to your Ugly Angel.

Please note that we cannot assure total privacy so please consider that fact when deciding to send messages.

Lt Col Hagan, Commanding Officer

HMH-362, Ugly Angels
So, as a quick recap, instead of emailing to Nick's personal email.... send emails to and be sure to type CAPT. NICHOLAS A. TURNER in the subject line. The email will be printed out and delivered to him! That way he will still receive your notes when he is unable to access the computer!

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