Friday, May 22, 2009

Trevor's Preschool Graduation

This morning my little man graduated preschool from Pali View Baptist Preschool in Kaneohe!!! The ceremony started at 10am. But I was there at 9am to make sure we had a good seat (that was when they opened the chapel up) There were people waiting at 8am when I dropped him off!

I lucked out and was able to get a second row seat right in front of where he would be sitting. Thank goodness they put their names on their chairs up front!

You'll have to forgive my video taking. Picture me in a seat, with a belly, and an Addison on my lap,trying to hold her AND the camera all while she is jumping, dancing, and waving at Trevor.

Here is the Zebra class walking in... and Trevor spotting me! "Hi MOM!"

Their first song was
"I Want To Do Right"

Doesn't he look like a little choir boy here?!

"Behold, Behold"

"I Am A Promise"

They put together a slideshow of pictures with the kids busy at school. It was really cute. They did this because they know that a lot of the parents always ask "What did you do at school today?" And what do the kids always say? "Nothing." So they shut the lights down, and as each picture popped up, the kids screamed out the child's name in unison! It was really cute to watch, and hear them yell out the names!

Getting a hug from Mrs. Stacy

And his Bible from the pastor.

Watching his classmates get their diplomas...

Sitting patiently

They had cupcakes for each student with their name on them...
and there is my belly!

Luckily, Trevor only wanted a piece of cake, and Addison wanted his cupcake, so it all worked out. She was grabbing at the icing before we could sit down!

I think it was a long exhausting morning (for everyone), so trying to get a partial family picture was a bit of a stuggle....
"Trevor, just one picture of us, okay? And then you can have some candy!!!" (is that a bribe or what?)

But you'd never known! What a good faker! All "happy" and adorned with candy leis from mommy and his friends!

Congratulations Trevor!!!


Krista said...

Congrats to Trevor and your dress is so cute, where did you get it?

Jim and Julie Turner said...

CONTRATULATIONS, TREVOR!!!! WOW, you're growing up so fast! And we really LOVED watching you sing and act out the words. You are SO good at that! Hugs to you on your big graduation day!
Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie