Friday, May 15, 2009

Trevor's Field Trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center

Today was Trevor's last field trip of the school year! They headed up to the north shore to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I really wanted to go, because I have never been there! But I had to stay home with Addison.

He was so excited to be riding the bus....

His favorite part of the whole trip was the IMAX theater, which he called the HUGE MOVIE!!! It featured the coral reef. He said they even saw a big octopus on there!!!

The other exciting thing they did, according to Trevor, was take a Canoe Tour! How fun! And all the people there waved and said ALOOOOOHA! to them!

Next week is Trevor's last week of pre-school. His graduation ceremony will be Friday morning the 22nd, so I'll be sure to post pictures from that! In late July, he will be going to Junior Kindergarten at Puohala Elementary until we move to Virginia in the fall. He is so excited to be able to ride the bus with McKenzie and go to the same school as her! So we'll see!!!!

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Sara G said...

I loved the Hawaii schools- they had so many field trips! Our firts year in VA, Amber's classes were too big so she had no field trips in 7th grade. This year she had 2 but in Hawaii it seemed she was going once a month!