Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend at the Pool

The weather this past week has been HOT HOT HOT and MUGGY MUGGY MUGGY, but there has been NO sun! Until yesterday. The sun came out, and I was so sick of our oven baked house, that we had to get out and go somewhere with water! So yesterday Trevor and Addison and I went to the Officer's Club pool on base. We were the only ones for a while, but only 3 other small families showed up... so the pool was nice and relaxing!

Today, we all loaded up again and went back around noon. McKenzie brought Tiani along, and a few of my friends met us there as well. It was so much fun.

Addison is really comfortable in the water (as long as I'M the one holding her...thanks for trying Gina) I even got her to blow bubbles and kick kick kick.....

Here is Kenzie trying to take pics of her blowing bubbles... but Addison just laughed at me making bubbles instead.

Addison, Me & Robin Payton
Trevor and Helen in the kiddie pool.

McKenzie & Tiani

"Mom, take a picture of us jumping in the pool.. 1, 2...WAIT!"
Whoops Tiani!

1,2,3 GO!


Ladners'Latest said...

I like your new "tent" :)

sara krahulec said...

Oh I soooo miss the Oclub pool and the awesome view....especially on those not so busy days. BTY your "swim suit" or "tent" looks like the one I had last summer when I was prego with Abigail. And you still look FABULOUS Pregnant!