Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Official.... I'm a Soccer Mom

I've got the van, and now I've got the soccer player! Do I really need the soccer ball decal in my back window, though? NAH....

Trevor has his soccer skills practice tonight. He was so excited! They divided the kids up by age, so all the 4 year olds were in one group. So cute!

They had 4 different stations where they did different skills, dribbling, passing, stopping the ball and kicking it back and then the big GOAL KICK!

There was a young Marine in charge of the passing station. He obviously had no kids and wasn't understanding the attention span of a 4 year old. He was explaining all the steps they needed to do for the station, and there were seriously like a dozen.

There are two lines.
You will pass the ball to the opposite person.
They will kick a few feet, then pass it back.
You will continue passing back and forth until you get to the goal.
When one of you gets close enough to the goal, kick it in the goal.
Then the other will carry the ball back to the front of the line to the next person.
Then you will go to the end of the end of the opposite line and go again.

Right. Even I had trouble remembering what they were supposed to do!

The moms were all laughing because most of the kids were watching birds, picking their nose, or playing around in the line and not even listening. It was just funny to listen to him instruct these kids like a group of recruits! Oh we laughed!

Needless to say he had to walk each pair through the entire station, because even if they DID pay attention, it was too much to remember! But, they ran out of time, so Trevor didn't get a chance to do it anyways. Oh well. That's what happens when you waist all that time trying to explain things to 4 year olds...

Here are a couple videos I took with my cell phone. They are not great quality, but you can kind of get an idea of what they did.

Running the Ball to the Goal.
Trevor is the little red shirted man... He carried the ball back and then did a heartfelt "HI MOM" as he ran by me!

Goal Kick
This was the last station. He rocks!

Practice starts in June!!!

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