Thursday, May 28, 2009

Help the Uglies Beat the Heat

After talking to Nick the last couple times, I have been trying to find out what I can send him to make his life a little easier out in Afghanistan! He doesn't complain much, as he understands he's 'at war'... but he always comments on how they just can't get any relief from the heat.

So of course, I think personal fans.... ice.... cold.....ICE PACKS!! But for some crazy reason, the military doesn't have deep freezers in their budget.... so I was thinking there HAD to be something out there that didn't require a freezer....

My mom had mentioned seeing a product on the Today Show a while back but couldn't remember what they were called. I googled and searched, and even emailed the Today Show, but came up with nothing....

My super fabulous amazing sister in law, Julie, found an organization that has a product called "HUGS" cooling ties! They are filled with cooling crystals and just need a few drops of water to activate them!!! They can be placed around the neck, head, wherever and help cool down our Marines!!!! She made a phone call to the founder and got some details on how we can send these to our Uglies. Read her blog post and all the details HERE!

The Hugs Project:

Long story short, today, The Hugs Project is mailing out 200 cooling ties to the Ugly Angels!!! But, as a non-profit organization, they depend on donations to help cover the costs of supplies and shipping. Amazingly, she said $200 (that's only $1/cooling tie) would be a good start. We've got half covered, so if you are wondering what you can do to help our Uglies out in the blistering heat of Afghanistan, which, very soon will be topping the charts at 120+ degrees F., you can donate to The Hugs Project and help keep an Ugly Angel cool!!!

If you'd like to help out, you can mail donations to:

The Hugs Project
PO Box 6761
Edmond, OK 73083-6761

You can even include your name and address for them to put on the mailing slip so the recipients know who to thank!

They also accept payments through paypal if that is more convenient for you!

Thank you for all of you who have already sent packages and items to Nick and his squadron! They thank you with all their hearts! When they receive these "Hugs"... I'm sure they will be even more grateful!

Thank you to my mom for getting the ball rolling, and to Julie for finding this fabulous organization and making the phone call!!! You both rock!


Krista said...

What an awesome organization, thanks for the information Kim

Jan said...

jsyk, I have ordered 50 pairs of Mechanix gloves to send to the Uglies to keep their hands from getting burned on the hot frames and rotor blades of the helicopters. I am hoping they will be in soon so we can get them shipped out.