Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Replacement Has Been Issued

So, after days and days of searching... our beloved yellow blankie has not surfaced! So today, I broke down and went blankie shopping, just sure that as soon as I went out and bought a new one, the yellow one would be laying right there in the doorway when I came back.

But alas, no sight of our blankie! I guess snuggling with Trevor for nearly 5 years was too much, and it packed up and hit the road (or got left in the road or thrown in the garbage by accident by my little klepto, Addison, who will throw ANYTHING away).

At least he was thrilled with the new one. And finding a replacement was HARD. All the hits I got on the internet for an exact replica led to: NO LONGER AVAILABLE. So I guess the yellow blankie is no longer in production. Too bad.

Our new brown and blue polkadot, super soft on BOTH sides blankie did the trick.
AND... I think it's even a little longer than the last blankie, because he can lay in bed and his little tootsies don't stick out. He thought his yellow blankie was shrinking, but I had to tell him HE was GROWING! So, he's got a little more growing room with this new blankie!

So alright yellow blankie, you can come out now. I bought a replacement! (Ugh, I won't be mad, I just want to know where it is!!!!)

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