Saturday, May 9, 2009

Puohala Elementary Presents: The Jungle Book

McKenzie's school put on a Jungle Book performance tonight. The drama club members had speaking parts and solos, but all the classes participated by each doing a dance!

I have never seen such a well organized performance put on that included all the ages groups! The choreography was amazing. The actors (students) were more impressive than most high school plays I've seen.

It started at 6:30 and was about 90 minutes long. The cafeteria was packed. We went early and still only had standing room left. The kids and I stood against the wall and a gal offered me one of her chairs. (Perk of being pregnant I guess) I set the chair against the side wall so Trevor stood on the back of the chair, I sat on it, and Addison stood on my lap and we had one of the best seats in the house!

The songs were so upbeat and the performers were so fun, that I didn't hear a single peep out of Trevor. Addison danced on my lap and got the attention of all the parents surrounding us. She put on quite a performance of her own! There were so many people that I could let her down every once in a while and let her dance around. With no chance of exit.

McKenzie's class did a dance to the song "Fire". She has been practicing for weeks and was really nervous about getting up in front of everyone, but afterwards, she said, "You know, I wasn't really that nervous, and I had so much fun!!!!" Her class did an awesome job! I was so proud!

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