Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picnic Anyone?

This morning was Trevor's first official day 'home all day with Mommy' now that school is out. McKenzie left on the school bus, but there was no trip to school for Trevor! He was very excited. The first thing he said to me this morning was: "So, Mommy, what are we going to do today?"

So, we went shopping. I was hoping to hit up some post Memorial Day clearance, but as I figured, all the patriotic stuff will stay up (and at regular price) through July 4th. But, it was a good excuse to hit up Target!!!

Trevor and Addison insisted they ride in the super extendo cart with the added double seater attached at the front of the cart. So, I strapped them both in the 5 point harnesses and pushed my 18 wheeler sized cart through the isles of Target! (I'll be sure to take a pic next time for reference with the ol' camera phone).

After Target, we went to the Navy Exchange's Garden Shop and picked out a picnic table for the kids. The one I found (thanks Kristina!) is a 6 seater and came with a cute little umbrella!

The kids were doing so great and behaving so well (and I'm sure that had nothing to do with the giant bag of Peanut M&Ms we purchased at Target) we went on to the Marine Base and hit the exchange and commissary for a few things for Daddy's care package he requested!

It was nearly noon by the time we made it home, and Trevor demanded we assemble the picnic table FIRST THING! So, as my handy dandy assistant, Trevor helped start all the screws for me as well as bounce his little toosh on the seats to snap them into place!

Here is our finished product (minus the umbrella since it is temporarily sitting in our living room):

Here is a product picture of what it will look like with the umbrella. Don't bother trying to figure out who is sitting at the table. They are not my kids!

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

How cool that Trev is so excited to be home with Mommy and little Sis! They always look SO HAPPY! And that picnic table is very cool looking. FUN, FUN!!