Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures from Afghanistan

As I mentioned in a previous post, here are the 2 of Nick that were part of the slideshow at the Afghanistan Brief.

This first one you'll recognize the handsome devil in the left seat... sorry, I don't know who is in the right seat?! Anyone wanna help me out?
And I can't quite tell what Nick is doing in this picture, but as you can see, he is working very hard at whatever it is.... Look at that concentration!

And just to show you some proof of how much people really care about our Uglies! Here are 20 some care packages that were generously collected and mailed off by our fabulous FROman! (with the help from his lovely assistant, and daughter, Dulce)

1 comment:

Jim and Julie Turner said...

Love the pics... especially of the one of Nick in the heli... now if pictures could just TALK! The expression on his face is hilarious! :)