Saturday, May 9, 2009

Halfway Over Party on The Beach

The squadron had our "Halfway Over with the Deployment" party this afternoon at one of the beaches on base. It was sunny (at first), and a perfect day for a party.

Our FRO (family readiness officer)'s in-laws were in town and made authentic mexican food for the event! It....was......fabulous!!! I brought some chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodle cookies and I think I saw just about every kid running around the beach with at least one of those in their hands.

I tried to get Addison to take a morning nap (twice) with no success, so she was a little clingy and crabby throughout the afternoon. She did finally break away and go play in the sand a while.

McKenzie thoroughly enjoyed the food! I did too! A great excuse to have seconds when you have to eat for two!
Trevor was on the beach most of the afternoon, bypassing the delicious spread of food. I did manage to wrap up a hot dog for him for the drive home.... which he inhaled! (Hot dogs, I guess, aren't so much authentic mexican food.... but it kept the kids happy!)

Here's Trevor and his gal pal Helen.

Addison on her tippytoes picking out her ducky that the CO's Wife always manages to bring to the parties for all the kids. We have ducks for every season in our bathtub now!
It was a great time to get together with all the spouses, officer and enlisted, and celebrate the success of the deployment this far. We always have a great time!

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