Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Months Down

Today marks 5 months down! 2 to go! It doesn't sound so great once I say it out loud because it really seems like it should be so much closer than this. Good thing though, is that it means the advanced party has one month left! So with all the planning of their return, things will go by fast, and then we'll be down to the last month.

Nick called the other day and said the squadron has over 14 computers up and running and were expected to get even more very soon. So don't hold back on the emails!!! He loves getting them. He said the time he takes reading them takes away from remembering where he is... so take a minute and drop him a line if you can!


The last month will be full of all kinds of excitement and events to keep us busy though! McKenzie is going to a summer camp for kids with deployed parents the last week in July, my mom is coming out on the 24th, McKenzie and Trevor start school on the 30th, and then.... BABY! And after that big arrival, I'm sure time will go at warp speed with all the craziness at the house!

So...8 weeks-ish and counting! No set dates yet!

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