Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Warrior-ette!

With the weeks dwindling down until baby AND Nick's return, I figured I should get going on finishing up some projects I planned on getting accomplished during this deployment!

The kitchen was a big one, and although I started a couple months ago, I quickly lost my motivation. So, this past week, McKenzie and I have been painting the walls and cupboards, and putting on new hardware on all the cupboard doors in the kitchen!

*I did have a pic of McKenzie painting, but that was lost on the laptop when it crashed... poo!

But before we could paint, the doors had to come off... luckily, I had my little handy man here to help out (a.k.a Captain Underpants)
Even Addison helped out a little! Trevor was very patient with her and told her very nicely that she was missing the screws...
He's quite the handyman! Not only is he good with Daddy's tools, he paints too!
They look so much cleaner and brighten up the kitchen so much, I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!!!!Pardon the messy counters.. the stuff has to go somewhere while the cupboards dry out!

The kids have been playing really great together today, and all week for that matter, while I have been trying to get this done...Addison has been especially silly today... trying to capture as much attention from her siblings as possible! Today she discovered the new talent of sucking on two binkies at once! Or as she would say "Ginky" (binkie).
We are SO PROUD!

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Anonymous said...

The cabinets look great! Wish I could've been there to help out. And Addi is so talented!

Julie S.