Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Riding the 4 Wheeler

After the birthday party yesterday, one would think that the kids would have been exhuasted.... because I was. But once we got home, instead of napping, which was what I was hoping to do, the kids decided they wanted to play some more.

Trevor wanted to ride the 4 wheeler, and of course, then so did Addison! And Trevor, being the fabulous big brother that he is, let her ride with him for a while! He is such a good brother!!!

Addison has mastered climbing on the playground we have. She just climbs right up the steps and then slides down the slide. The other day she did that about 30 times in a row and never tired!!!
(And don't worry, my gasping at the end of this video is only because Trevor ran over the banana trees... but they are ok!)

Addison usually does pretty good with the moving, but its the steering she needs to work on. I just love to hear how she say "Helloooo"

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Ladners'Latest said...

I enjoyed the videos. I cracked up watching Molly running around and around in the first one. Her little voice is so cute! And the banana trees are lookin' good!