Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Soccer Practice

After waiting two weeks for someone to volunteer to coach Trevor's "Mini Grass" team, we got a coach!!! So, practice started tonight!

Group circle to get to know each other (all 5 of them)

Addison wanted to join them the entire practice...

Then Mommy had to chase after her...

She's been caught!!!

Kicking the ball back and forth.

There was one girl on the team, and I overheard one of the boys tell her "You should be a Cheerleader!" I thought it was kind of funny, oh, what kids say sometimes! I hope she proves him wrong!!!

Here he's running the last lap around the field at the end of practice... I think I caught him on a down step, he looks a little droopy. Poor guy, though, he was so exhausted when practice was over. But he really had a great time! Next practice is Friday! Games start in July!

He had to get 4 immunizations this morning for junior kindergarten and I think they wiped him out. His poor little thighs were sore and ready for a warm soak in the tub when we got home!

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