Friday, June 19, 2009

Playgroup at Calvin's

Okay, so I got the old desktop computer up and running so I can still stay connected to the world until I get my laptop back! Yay!

This morning rained hard, but by the time playgroup gathered, it was hot and sunny. There were just 3 littles at the playgroup this week. The others had company in town! We went to Calvin's house for a couple hours to play. I think the highlight was the old piano that each of them took a turn on.

Here, Calvin & Addison played a lovely duet.
Um...excuse me? BUSTED!
Wyatt & Trevor
After a while, I broke out the bubble machine we brought along and the kids went crazy chasing thousands of bubbles in the yard.

Can this count as our small group picture?

Trevor & Wyatt chasing bubbles

Calvin & Addison chasing bubbles
Until next week!

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