Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick Update on Nick

Nick was able to get a few minutes on the computer yesterday and email me a decent sized email. He was trying to answer all my questions I've asked him in the past few days in my emails to him! Poor guy!

The heat is coming back up again, and he said that is pretty tough. They had no outgoing communications for a couple days due to an incident in the area (not related to the Ugly Angels) as well as continued struggles with their network....and they also have NO PHONE. The software for the phone apparently isn't working with their new server?! So that is interesting...

Nick says he is good on snack foods for a while. His little snack locker is overflowing!!!

Thanks to all of you who have sent him things. He mentioned receiving several care packages this past week! I know that there are still a few that have not arrived yet, but should any day. He tries to send out emails or let me know when he gets them, so that you all know your care package made it. But, sometimes, he just doesn't get a chance at the computer.

The squadron is pretty much up and running and Nick said they are really keeping busy. Seems like the end is almost in sight! We are almost to the 5 month mark! Can you believe it?!?

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