Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Addison's New Shirt

My friend Alaina has a friend in Alabama who makes adorable custom t-shirts and other children's items. Andrew has several outfits that are way cute! So I contacted her to make a shirt for Addison. This is what we got in the mail the other day! I couldn't wait for her to wear it!

You can check out her work HERE at:
We also tried out a new do!
How do you like the double piggy tails?!


The Zander Zoo said...

Hi Turner Mountain West! I hope this doesn't sound too crazy but your Turner Mountain West blog came up when I googled Ugly Angels to Camp Bastion. I have a brother who is a part of the Ugly Angels. I was looking for resources that I might could keep up with them in Afg. I love your blog and seems like I just got to meet your family. Don't you just love blogspot. If you don't mind....would you be willing to help me out with a little info. You can email me at jewelzbyjessica@yahoo.com. Thanks so much. My name is Jessica and I live in Texas. Thanks again!

Ladners'Latest said...

Cute shirt! I had her make Andrew a helicopter one before we left! Oh, and cute pigtails too!