Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Ugly Angel Articles in circulation:

Theodore's World Blog- "Ugly Angels Deply from Iraq to Afghanistan
This has some neat pics I hadn't seen yet. And I swear the Marine at the base of the steps boarding the plane looks like Nick... but that could be wishful thinking?? I think he has Sikorsky wings on his helmet...I'll find out if it really is him.

Spreading Their Wings: "Ugly Angels" Deploy From Iraq to Afghanistan

Article on Camp Bastion: Camp Leatherneck
*This is just an article on the Base that they are at, and the areas surrounding it. It doesn't reference the Ugly Angels specifically. Just a little FYI on Afghanistan. Camp Leatherneck is a part of Camp Bastion... I believe it's the nickname of the base where the Marines are located.
**The statistics/facts are a little uncomfortable to read in this article... FYI.


Jan said...

that is Nick! I am sure!

Lesley and Zachary said...

It might be Nick, but that's a cranial, not a helmet. And usually only maintainers wear cranials, but Nick could have one too, so the jury is still out. (: