Monday, June 1, 2009

Reading Books with Daddy

Last deployment Nick made video clips of him reading books to Trevor. (I was pregnant with Addison at the time)

I would email him the words to Trevor's favorite books, he would read them while recording them on his webcam, and then send us a DVD with the videos.

I saved them on my computer and brought them up today when I was talking to the kids about it being Daddy's birthday.

I set the computer on the couch and let them watch Nick read stories.

Trevor is blocking Addison from pounding on the keyboard with excitement!
Addison really misses seeing Daddy on Skype, so she was really excited to see him and hear his voice!
Before one of the stories, Nick tells Trevor to go put on a hat, and so he ran and got two Wilson Auction Hats for him and Addison to wear while Daddy wore a hat and read a story to them. Each time we play this video, Trevor runs and gets hats.

(This picture almost makes me cry!)
Thank goodness he made these last deployment, the kids enjoy them this time around just as much! And so does Mommy!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

This is incredibly touching... thank you for sharing! :) (almost made me cry too!)

Jan said...

oh how sweet!

Ladners'Latest said...

Ok I teared up a little! I hate this deployment and I'm so ready for it to be O-V-E-R!