Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Officially Summer

School is out, so now that all the kids will be home all day, we are going to have to start finding ways to keep them busy and not "BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS"... (according to some).

Saturday we went to the OClub pool on base. I didn't bring my camera that time, but the scene was the same as the last few times we've gone. A few friends met us up there. The only thing I wish I would have gotten a picture of was Addison sleeping on me in the pool. She dozed off and we floated for about 30 minutes or so.... it was so nice.

Today, my friend Gina called me around 9:30am and said they were at the beach in Lanikai and it was bare and beautiful, so I loaded up the kids and some gear and we were on the beach shortly after 10:00!

Moments after arriving, our little pals were off and running together on the beach!

Have I mentioned that Helen informed her mother she was moving with us to Virginia? Gina told her that the Turners' were going to be moving in a few months to Virginia, and when she realized that meant Trevor would be leaving, she made the decision that she would move too. "But your daddy will miss you if you move away, Helen." What did Helen (3 years old) say? "Mommy, Daddy can just come visit me!"

Addison has her own little buddy, Robin, especially when Robin has food that she shares with her!

Addison has NO FEAR at the beach. She loved chasing after the birds, and screaming at them. That seemed to entertain the surrounding beach goers. They just got a kick out of watching her! Then she would venture down to the water's edge and let the water trickle over her feet.

When Mommy came down to join her, she loved going in about chest high and hanging on to mommy's hands while her waves came up and carried her body up in the water.

Gina took the older kids (McKenzie, Joe & Robin) out to the island in the distance on their boogie boards. I don't think the water is much deeper than 5 feet at the most out there. McKenzie said she could always touch the bottom.

On their way!

Almost there!

Once they got to the island, they were able to get up and walk around for a while before paddling back.

While the big kids were out, Helen and Trevor ran all over the beach and played in their own little world. Addison was constantly running too, with Mommy closely behind her, and I was thinking (several times), boy it sure would be nice if Daddy were here to chase after you part of the time! But we had a lot of fun together!!! She did manage to sit long enough to pack away a few handfuls of goldfish and some milk.

Upon their return from the island, Robin introduced us to a little pet they brought back!

A Sea Cucumber!!!

Addison was a little hesitant to touch the slimy little thing, so Robin helped her out a little!

Amazing how something that doesn't move can be so entertaining.... well, I guess when it 'pees', its really fun, but still, ick!

Addison's reaction to it squirting water or "peeing"

We hung out at the beach for about 3 hours before heading back home. The kids were hungry and some were ready for naps!

Addison crashed a few blocks from home and didn't even wake up when I transfered her from her carseat to her bed! The rest of us are just relaxing now!

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Ladners'Latest said...

When I get home you can keep from being "BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND" by coming to my house :) We have A/C and a community pool! I vote sleepover ....or short vacation!