Friday, June 5, 2009

Playgroup is back in session!

It's been months since we had playgroup it seems! We've had a lot of travelers during the deployment!! So now that we are all back in town, minus are dearly departed Trammells', we decided it was time to start up again!

Addison is now the last girl remaining!
Calvin, Addison, Richie
John & Wyatt

Our very generous host this week was "Little Richie"

It was a gorgeous breezy morning, and the kids ran around the porch and then later we ventured out into the yard. There were all kinds of delicious goodies to nibble on!

Addison & Calvin munching...

I don't know how she found space to sit 'next' to me on this chair!

There were even yummy mini popsicles!
Enjoyed here by the one and only John!

Trevor snapped this one of Kristina & Wyatt

Richie, Trevor & John in the 'space station'

Trevor in the tunnell.

Addison playing PEEK A BOO behind the tree.

And climbing the playground.

It was hard to get them all to look at the same time, but we managed a decent group photo this week! During the rest of the deployment, we decided to get together weekly until the guys return home. So if things go as planned, you'll be seeing more of this group on here for the next couple of months!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Those are some really cute pictures! The kids have gotten so big since I left. And you look GREAT in that pic of you and Addi.