Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pool, Bugs & Pizza

It was another scorcher today here in Hawaii.... highs in the 90's! The kids had a quiet afternoon and some napped (me & Addison).... then I aired up the pool and Trevor helped me fill it with cold water from the hose. I actually got Addison to keep this hat on. It's probably a little small, but that must have been the key. It wasn't too floppy that it was in the way or fell off. It kept the sun from burning her delicate little bald scalp! And that's all I needed! Plus, she looked SUPER CUTE IN IT!!!!

Who needs pool toys when you have plastic party cups?!

Addison spent most of her time in the pool filling up the bucket with the cup... and then looking at me before dumping the bucket of water OUT of the pool, even after I returned her gaze with the, "Don't Do It!" look! She is such a stinker!!!

Crazy moment here.... Addison was out of the pool briefly and walked up to Kenzie and held her arms up to her. Then she laid her head on her shoulder and stayed there for a few minutes! Agh! She hardly does that with ME! So this was a great photo op!

Then it was off to climb the playground... dripping wet.

Being silly before cruising down the slide.

She cruised down so fast in her wet suit that she landed like this at the bottom!

McKenzie and her friend Tiani, who came over for a while after school today, went ladybug hunting for Trevor. He has the most adorable bug holder he got from his best buddy Hudson before they moved away. The girls filled it with ladybugs and beetles, and I can't tell you how long Addison and Trevor sat and just watched them crawl all over! Addison has a new word now too: "Lay-buh-buh" Translation: Ladybug
Want to know where to get one of these?
Click below:
Ladybug Playground

I was going to ask my friend Gina and her kids over for burgers tonight, but she had already promised them pizza, so she brought it over to our house! The kids sat at the picnic table while Gina and I sat inside.... it was more quiet, and relaxing... and easier to visit!

I had Addison's chair outside with the booster seat and tray table ready for her, but when I brought out her pizza, she was already seated at the picnic table next to her pal Robin, and eating HER pizza! She felt pretty special to be sitting with the 'big kids'! And you KNOW Trevor and Helen HAD to sit next to each other!