Sunday, June 21, 2009

Banner Making - Session One

The squadron got together today for session one of three of homecoming banner making for the Ugly Angels. We had tables set up and sheets galore for anyone who was ready to make their homecoming banner!

We are going to make Nick's banner at home, so McKenzie and her friend Katelyn made a sign for one of the single marines. (Plus, there is no way I could supervise the making of our banner with Addison running free in the hangar... I need a more stable environment for that.)

Addison ran around the hangar with the other kiddos there. The hangar floor is SO DIRTY! Grease EVERYWHERE.... the bottoms of Addison's crocs are BLACK with a capital B!!!! All the kids running around were just a filthy mess, but they had fun!

Trevor enjoyed making all kinds of crafts at the craft table.

For a special Father's Day treat, we got all the kids together in front of a helicopter on the bay to take a "Father's Day" pic to send to the squadron. For as many little ones as there were, I was so impressed with how well they all stood still! One of the spouses took the official picture, and I'm sure it turned out great!!!Addison is in the front with the green crocs, Trevor right behind her and McKenzie is in the back holding one of the infants in the squadron.

A few of us ended up at Kristina's for a taco supper afterwards! It was great to let the kids run around and play while us ladies sat around the table and visited. It's last minute get togethers with the girls like this that really make the deployment tolerable! We discussed all kinds of topics and laughed so hard my stomach hurt! It was a great night!

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Ladners'Latest said...

You mean, "all the kids took a nice picture for Father's Day...EXCEPT the little Ladner boy, who REFUSED to go anywhere NEAR the other children!" lol