Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Message From Nick

Nick was overwhelmed with Birthday Wishes via Motomail. He said it was so neat to get so many emails from you all! He was really tickled that so many people took the time to do that for him! So job well done everyone! Thank you!

He asked that I post this for all of you:

Thanks to all who sent me an email on my birthday, I am feeling much better since my cold a couple days ago (Thanks to our flight surgeon and a minor benadryl coma she put me in). We are all doing pretty well out here and we are getting used to the routine. Luckily we have had a few days of decent weather, clear skies and only high 90’s. We are expecting it to hit somewhere in the 110-115 range in a few weeks as the dog days of summer hit this place. Anyway the days are moving quick and I should be home before you know it. Thanks to you all for the kind words and prayers. Take Care, Nick

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