Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coloring with Trevor

Trevor is very particular when it comes to coloring. He loves to have a coloring buddy, but be prepared to color what he tells you to and with a certain color.

Trevor: Mommy, I want to color! Wanna watch me?
Mommy: Sure!
Trevor: Okay, pick out your favorite color! (Spreading out about 8 colors in front of me)
Mommy: Hmmmm, I like light blue.
Trevor: No... pick a color that is for girls.
Mommy: Oh, sorry, okay... how about RED!
Trevor: (Laughing) No... not that one....(discretely tapping his free finger on the purple marker)
Mommy: Oh...hmm, let me see, how about PURPLE!
Trevor: Purple? Ok! I'll color with purple!

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